As many of you have noticed, Nour (n134) is my friend and I appreciate her and she’s having troubles in her country (Syria) so she probably won’t see this :( but i still did this post because today (Nov 30th) is her birthday and honestly I care about her. I hope things get better soon for her country and she gets her internet connection back. ¡FELICIDADES NOUR!

Nov 30         23
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    something made me sign in today and the first thing i see is this. im so pissed i missed it yesterday. :( but happy...
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    Hahahaha I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE BACK and that you saw this! Remember I told you I was going to make a post ehen uou told me...
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    nancyyyyyyyyy , thank u sooooooooo much thats really really nice of u and it means aloooooooot to me , u know me im not...
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